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    Comments: Dr Smith performed ACL reconstruction on my left knee on Jan 4 2022 with an allograft (cadaver graft). Prior to surgery, he took xrays and explained why surgery was recommend. He then ordered an MRI, reviewed the results with me, and took the time to explain the procedure, including using an anatomical model of a knee, what was wrong with mine, and what would happen during surgery. He answered all of my questions during that visit. His PA called me the next day, and then he then called me two days after surgery, to check on me, and personally responded within 24 hours when I asked a follow up question via MyChart. I am now not quite 3 weeks post op, and have gained back all but 20 degrees of total range of motion, thanks to his amazing PTs. I should mention that I am a 60-year-old active equestrian with the goal of returning to competition. I would highly recommend Dr Smith to anyone dealing with injuries of the knee. He is caring, attentive, compassionate and takes the time.