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Dr. Smith's clinical interests include the treatment of sports injuries as well as arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the shoulder and knee.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Rotator Cuff Repair

    Rotator Cuff Repair

    Rotator cuff repair is a surgery to repair an injured or torn rotator cuff. It is usually performed arthroscopically on an outpatient basis. An arthroscope, a small, fiber-optic instrument consisting of a lens, light source, and video...

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  • ACL Reconstruction

    ACL Reconstruction

    Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is a surgical procedure to replace a torn or damaged ACL ligament in your knee with a new ACL tissue graft obtained most commonly from your own body...

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Patient Reviews

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  • I just went for my 2 week post op with Traci today. Dr. Smith and his entire team were fantastic- so kind and very patient to answer all of my questi...
    ~ Shari Porter ~
  • Went in 6 weeks ago with a severe left knee pain same as I experienced after twisting it some 10 years ago. In that previous incident I required surg...
    ~ Larry Brown ~
  • No time wasted on getting me fixed up. He got right to the point and took personal issues into serious consideration when prescribing me medicine for ...
    ~ Kaylee Paino ~

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